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The Tenleytown Historical Society takes seriously the responsibility for oversight of historic sites in its area and the possible impact of changes to the land, buildings and the area as a whole. Current issues include the following:


GDS purchased the Safeway and Volvo sites in 2014. It is the School's expressed intent to unite its campuses by building on the Safeway site to accommodate its lower and middle schools. Plans for the Volvo site include a mix of residential and commercial uses.

Tenleytown Historical Society has, since these plans were announced, monitored the School's proposals in an effort to ensure that they do not diminish or block the historic viewshed from Fort Reno. For the latest information go to http://www.gds.org/Page/About/GDS-Planning/Campus-Planning

Upcoming meetings on GDS plans

Wednesday, September 16th, 7 p.m. at GDS - Meeting sponsored by Tenleytown
                                                                           Neighbors Association

Monday, September 21st, 7 p.m. at GDS - Community meeting sponsored by GDS


The National Main Street program was launched in 1977 by the National Trust for Historic Preservation "to study the reasons so many downtowns were dying, identify the factors affecting downtown's health, and develop a comprehensive revitalization strategy to save historic commercial buildings." http://www.preservationnation.org/main-street/about-main-street/the-center/history.html#.VeNkmW-FPcs

Several past efforts to create a Tenleytown Main Street project failed. This year, Council Member Mary Cheh, at the urging of ANC3E, succeeded in earmarking funds for two new Main Street projects - at Tenleytown and Van Ness. The funds are available to a qualifying non-profit organization. A successful applicant would be responsible for administering the project.

ANC3E commissioners Jonathan Bender and Anne Wallace, and Chevy Chase, DC resident Andrew Aurbach have formed a non-profit corporation, Tenleytown Main Street, which is preparing an application for the Tenleytown funds. A Main Street project is focused on local businesses and how to help them become more successful while retaining and enhancing the community's existing assets, especially historic ones. It is not designed as a redevelopment vehicle. It is expected that a Main Street project will embrace the diversity of viewpoints in the community. The national Main Street organization has adopted a four part approach http://www.preservationnation.org/main-street/about-main-street/the-approach/#.VeNowW-FPcs

Link to National Main Street website http://www.preservationnation.org/main-street/about-main-street/the-approach/#.VfS5YG-FPcs

Tenleytown Main Street can be found on Facebook.

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