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Otho Burrows, eldest son of Samuel and Harriet America Burrows, with his daughter, Myra Burrows Entwistle in 1931

4624 Verplanck Place, NW

The home of Samuel and Harriet America ( Shekell) Burrows. Originally located near the corner of 45th and Ellicott Streets, it was moved to its present location after the death in 1924 of Harriet America Burrows. The Burrows were married in 1849 and in 1857 purchased property along River Road where they rebuilt the existing house.

Their land abutted Fort Bayard and some of their land was used for barracks and parade grounds.

“Mrs. Burrows personally knew President Abraham, Lincoln,… Lincoln …frequently reviewed the soldiers camped at Fort Bayard, many times standing at a point about where Fessenden Street is now located.

Often-times Lincoln accepted the hospitality of the charming young matron of the Burrows farm, quenching his thirst at the old well still on the farm and partaking of a cold glass of fine rich milk from the splendid dairy herd and some of the dainty artistries of the comely hostess of the farm house…”

Eulogy for Harriet America Burrows


Otho Burrows