Tenleytown Neighborhoods & Subdivisions  - American University Park

Tenleytown in the 19th century included the areas now known as Friendship Heights and American University Park. Raymond Johnson, who lived in the village of Tenleytown for the first fifteen years of his life, 1891-1907, recalls the area as “wooded…with many farms in the near vicinity. It was a beautiful place in the (spring) when fruit trees and fields were in bloom.

“Tenleytown was a vast enchanted place to spend those early years … May was real spring and the fields were full of daisies with wild flowers everywhere. You could hear the birds now and their nests were in most every tree.

"The meadow larks built their nests in the tall grass and if you would watch when they to came to them, soon there would be little speckled eggs. June brought summer and real warm weather…West of the rock bridge where the creek went under River road, we would build a dam so had a good place to swim. October…

"There were plenty of applies, chestnuts, black walnuts, hazelnuts and some chinquapins. Firewood was cut on the place and flour was ground in a small water mill in the community.”

Raymond Johnson